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If you are injured at work, regardless of fault on your part, you can make a claim for worker’s compensation through your employer’s industrial insurance. It is important to notify your employer right away if you are injured on the job and to make sure they initiate the worker’s compensation claim. You are entitled to have worker’s compensation cover your medical bills for past treatment and for any future medical expenses that are necessary. You are also entitled to be compensated for your bodily impairment caused by the injury and for a portion of your lost wages.

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What Does Workers’ Compensation Involve?

In most cases, you will receive a permanent-partial disability rating (PPD) that sets forth the amount of your bodily impairment. It is important that this process is done fairly, and that you have an attorney assist you in this process, to make sure the disability rating is done fairly and properly. Ultimately, you will receive an award under the workers’ compensation claim that should fairly account for your impairment and your lost wages. Your workers’ compensation attorney should assist you throughout this process to see that you are treated fairly by the industrial insurer.

A workplace injury is often caused by the negligence of someone other than your immediate employer.  An example of this may be that you are driving for work and are injured through the fault of another driver. Another example may be where you are injured as a result of a defective product used at work. In these third-party liability situations, you can still make a worker’s compensation claim and also seek compensation through these “third parties.”

Let Me Guide You Through The Workers’ Compensation Process

I can assist you with the handling of your workers’ compensation claim and with your third-party claim, when applicable. If you receive a recovery from the third party, you may have to reimburse the workers’ compensation carrier for amounts they paid, and I have a good track record of successfully negotiating repayment of these workers’ compensation liens in order to maximize the third-party recovery for the client.

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