Understanding Your Rights As A Motor Vehicle Accident Victim

According to the Nevada Department of Transportation, Reno has one of the highest incident rates of car accidents in the state – this will not come as a surprise to Reno natives. Between out-of-state drivers, higher-powered vehicles and increased distracted driving rates, of course more accidents are occurring.

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If Someone’s Negligence Caused Your Accident, You Have Rights To Compensation

Every accident has a cause, whether that cause is a driver looking away at the wrong time or someone getting behind the wheel drunk. When the law and insurance companies look at your case, they ask the core questions: What caused this accident, and who is responsible for the resulting injuries?

If someone else’s actions led to the injury, you may be entitled to:

  • Full medical coverage for your medical bills, including emergency and therapeutic care
  • Compensation for your time away from work during recovery and the subsequent lost wages
  • Any significant changes to your life, such as the need for a wheelchair and ramps
  • The cost of funeral services if you file on behalf of a loved one who died

An experienced lawyer can help you get the most from your insurance claim and help you have full access to the legal tools at your disposal.

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