Fighting For A Personal Injury Settlement That Supports Your Recovery

I know what you are going through right now. You are struggling with an injury, you are worried about your future, thinking about the mountain of medical bills on your table and concerned that you may not be able to meet even your basic needs. Take a deep breath, then give me a call.

I am Kevin M. Berry. As an experienced attorney, I use my legal knowledge and skills to demand fair treatment for the injured and give every client the information and valuable guidance they deserve. Call me at 775-391-4727. From my Reno office, I serve people injured in accidents in Nevada.

Accidents Happen, But You Should Not Handle Them On Your Own

Injuries and accidents are a part of everyday life – so much so that you should know what to do if you are in a vehicle accident. If your injury was preventable, you should take the time to get legal advice about your options. No one is saying an accident was malicious, but there is often a mistake or negligence at play in an accident, which can mean you are eligible for much-needed financial support throughout your recovery. For instance:

  • Many car crashes are the results of distracted or dangerous driving.
  • Maintenance issues and mechanical failures often cause serious and even deadly truck wrecks.
  • Sidewalks in disrepair can lead to broken hips or other joint damage.

The law requires drivers, business owners and property holders to carry insurance for a reason – so that in moments of crisis like yours, there is a safety net that can catch you until you are back on your feet.

Let Me Help You

I believe in community, and that means helping my neighbors however I can. At your free consultation at my firm, Kevin M. Berry, Attorney at Law, you can get practical legal advice and strong representation for the rest of your recovery journey.