You Need Full And Fair Compensation To Cover Your Losses

It is important to know the extent of your injuries and their future consequences before you settle your personal injury claim. Many injuries, particularly spinal injuries, can leave lasting, if not permanent, problems. Many times, the other driver’s insurance company will contact you shortly after the accident and tell you that you don’t need a lawyer. They may also offer you a minimal settlement, without even seeing your medical records. They are interested only in settling the case for as little as they can, and they are not truly concerned about the extent of your injuries or their future consequences.

Do not try to handle the insurance company on your own. At Kevin M. Berry, Attorney at Law, in Reno, Nevada, you will find a staunch ally ready to protect your rights in personal injury cases. I will promptly contact the insurance company and provide them with your accident-related records. I will also give them periodic status updates on your injuries and your treatment so they can fairly evaluate the claim and have an understanding early on about the seriousness of your injuries. It is important to get medical opinions from your treating doctors stating that your injuries and their treatment were caused by the accident. I have been working with doctors and other medical experts in the Reno area for over 30 years and understand the medical testimony I need to effectively present your case to the insurance company. Contact me today.

Why You Need A Lawyer On Your Side

If you have minor injuries and are sure you have fully recovered, you may be able to resolve the case yourself. It is important to remember, though, that the insurance company will always try to pay as little on the claim as it can. If you sign a release of claims, you can never go back against the insurer or the other driver if it turns out you have additional injuries. Never sign a release without consulting a lawyer first. If you are seriously or even significantly injured, it would be foolhardy to try to resolve your case without an attorney.

In my 30-plus years of handling automobile injury cases, I have found that most auto claims can be resolved without having to file a lawsuit. I have also found that most people want to resolve their cases without litigation. I maintain a good working and professional relationship with insurance adjusters and have a good record of settling cases fairly.

If the case cannot be settled, I always explore the possibility of resolving your case through arbitration or mediation, and I have extensive experience in these areas. I have found that if the insurer agrees to a voluntary process of mediation, the case can almost always be resolved. Another option may be to resolve the case through arbitration, which can either be binding or nonbinding. Both mediation and arbitration are alternative forms of dispute resolution that entail less risk and cost than going to court. I have found that most insurers would rather resolve a case either through settlement or one of these alternative methods to avoid unnecessary costs and defense attorney fees.

What If The Insurance Company Refuses To Pay?

If the insurer is not willing to settle the case or have the case resolved in other ways, I have extensive experience in traditional litigation. You have a constitutional right to seek redress through the court system if need be. Unfortunately, it is sometimes necessary to file a lawsuit in order for the insurance company to treat your case seriously. I will not hesitate to do this if it becomes clear the insurance company is unwilling, after settlement efforts, to fairly compensate you.

Even after a lawsuit is filed, the options of resolving the case through mediation or private arbitration are always left open. Many times, mediation or arbitration is most effective when there is a lawsuit on file, and the insurance company wants to settle without incurring more costs and defense attorney fees. If the case ultimately proceeds to court before a judge or jury, I will vigorously present your case at trial.

I Will Treat You Fairly

If I can resolve your case without having to go to trial, as happens with the vast majority of personal injury cases, I will charge a lower fee than the one-third contingency fee most personal injury attorneys charge, regardless of how much work they do on your case.

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